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The archives, folks. Yup, just a treasure trove of pictures of naked or semi-naked people meant to titillate, tickle, tease, tantalize, trouble, torture and tick off people all around the world. My mother is spinning like a top in her grave because of this, so you'd damn well better like something in here.

All models were over the age of eighteen at the time they were photographed. Amazingly, they're even older now.

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Alien pictures galore. Eat your heart out, ET - THIS alien gets to play with naked people!

Alien Love
TA Strikes Again
Alien Roue
Alien Probe

Model Vs. Photographer

Middle-aged photographer with beer belly meets younger women. Embarrassing and horrifying. You won't be able to sleep or eat for months after seeing these.

Model Vs. Photographer

GI Joe and friends

My action figures never had this much fun when I was young. Come to think of it, neither did I.

A Comedy of Barers
Plastic Playtime
The Duke of Squirrel

Sid the Dummy

Sid's a Dummy. Sid gets to play with naked people. Sid may be a dummy but he's not dumb.

Sid Gets Lucky


I guess the best way to describe these galleries is simply, WTF???? I mean, really, there are composites, rag dolls getting stabbed to death, a model covered in chocolate, and other things which indicate that, in the long run, I'm probably a severely disturbed individual who shouldn't be allowed near guns or sharp objects.

Anger Ms. Management
Trepanning for Gold
Cooking with Comatose Models
Sundae Driver
Carp Diem
The Dress


Masks. More masks. Masks again. Masks masks masks. Masks? Masks. Sick of masks, yet? Have some masks, you'll feel better.

Bloody (Idol) Fun
Mask Envy
The Mask of Amontillado
Mask of Shame
Mask Me No Questions (and I'll Sell You No Ties)
Mask-It Case
Flogging the Log


The human body, I believe, has 206 bones and over 600 muscles covered by this wonderful protective layer of skin. The eyes are the windows to the soul...or else just gelatinous orbs that help you see, whatever. And with all that and more...a lot of guys just see tits. It truly is amazing.

Spare Parts
I Sing the Body Eclectic
Fingers, Panties and Pussies (These are a few of my favorite things)


I've had a lot of fun doing shoots with Maria. And the relative lack of projectile vomiting she's done when faced with my increasingly bizarre requests is really quite a testament to the courage she brings to each shoot. And the roofies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Maria
Maria Full of Grace
Buffalo Uncommons
My Muse

Naked people

Maria isn't the only one who's modeled for me. There have been a few other unfortunate souls who have bared all or most for my camera, as well. Only about half of them still hate me.

People standing, sitting, or lying around naked or in undies. How's this for a shitty title?
Turtle Mountain Majesty
Protest Songs for the Apathetic
Billiard Cue Penis
Sheer Fun

2 for 1's

Lacking any coherent philosophy behind shoots means I get to categorize shit the way I want - these were just extended shoots featuring two models. Sometimes they're actual couples, other times it's just two people shooting together for the first time. Really. I mean, what else do you want me to say about these shots? Just look. I'm bored with myself.

Just A Voyeur
Party Pics

Naughty pictures!

For better or worse, these probably fall under the category of erotica, a euphemism that generally makes me want to barf my store-bought stale cookies right on the rug. But, I guess if it makes you feel better to wank off to erotica than porn, so be it.

Flapjack Flapdoodle
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Jack - No, really, he's jumping all over the fucking place!

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