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If the shots work, chances are it's thanks to the model. If they don't? Blame the photographer. Better yet, blame your favorite right/left wing conservative/liberal freak/nutjob.

All models were over the age of eighteen at the time they were photographed. Amazingly, they're even older now.

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I'll call these the mute galleries because I didn't write a damn thing for any of them.

Alien Shots with one of my cheapest models.
Composites Me sucking at the task of playing in Photoshop.
Dolls Shots with dolls...duh.
Maria My longtime friend and muse.
Masks Another duh.
Stuff and Nonsense
Stuff and Nonsense The fun kind of shit to shoot - second only to sex and the dolls, perhaps. Or not. Depends on my mood.
Model vs. Photographer (selected)
Model vs. Photographer (selected) You can read all about this in the full MVP gallery.
Nudes Some of the models who've been kind enough to get in front of the camera for me.
Parts Sometimes I just like taking pictures of body parts. Yes, I admit the vagina is my favorite part. I'm old, not dead.
Sex Probably more accurately called, "Masturbation and Bad Bondage Shots", but, close enough.
Sid A dummy. With more sense than me, obviously.

The "normal galleries", complete with my bullshit commentary...

Mock My Words
Mock My Words A gallery in which Maria has clothes on as much as she has them off. Where did I go so wrong?
A Call to Farms
A Call to Farms The great American navel. (Product not shown.)
That Was No Lady, That Was My Wife
That Was No Lady, That Was My Wife Next up, the Egyptian flu joke. I'll be here all week...try the veal.
Mark My Words
Mark My Words A mix. Smoke, movement, whatever. What I say is meaningless.
Smoke Gets in Your Pies
Smoke Gets in Your Pies Smoke. Naked or near-naked woman. Pictures. Recipe.
Yes, Vagina, There Is a Sanity Clause
Yes, Vagina, There Is a Sanity Clause Art is often the last thing on my mind during a shoot.
Sid Gets Even Luckier
Sid Gets Even Luckier Chucky, eat your heart out. No, seriously, you evil fuck, eat your black wooden heart out.
Flugelhorn Fallout
Flugelhorn Fallout My heroin. There are some habits you never want to break.
The Ties That Bind
The Ties That Bind Now, about that donkey.
Starving Artist Sale
Starving Artist Sale Get your original Elvis on black velvet while they're still in stock!
Nice Save
Nice Save When I've had a case of temporary brain death, it's always nice when someone else can compensate.
First and Ten
First and Ten Push it in, push it in, yay team! Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, all for chicken choking, stand up and holler!
Trouser Snake Tango
Trouser Snake Tango The title and the description in the gallery have something in common. Namely, they have absolutely no bearing on the photos.

A lot more galleries...

And even MORE galleries available in Past Nudes!!!!

I saw my first nude picture when I was very, very young. I found a secret hiding place under the gun rack where my brothers had hid the first issue of Playboy. The images of Marilyn Monroe were the greatest thing I'd ever seen. By the time I was a teenager, my young brain decided that the absolute coolest job in the world would be to be a photographer for Playboy or Penthouse and get to take pictures of naked people for pay.

Except for the introduction to nudes found in The Great Themes volume of the Time-Life Library of Photography, for probably over 30 years my primary visual references for nudes were men's magazines, strippers and porn. Even more important, though, as I review my work these days? National Lampoon's Foto Funnies from the 70's probably had as much impact as anything else.

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