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I'm looking for other links to add to this page. If you're interested in exchanging links, email me at midbrowart@gmail.com. I do NOT guarantee that I will accept your site. Please don't take it personally if I don't. It probably just means I'm having a bad hairless day.

Inside the Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame What do you get when you take brains, beauty, a sense of humor, and a liberal dash of depravity and mix them all together? Basically, you get Dr. Gloria Brame. The simplest explanation of this particular site is that it's a great introduction to vintage weirdness, including nudes, movies, advertising, etc. She also introduces current erotic photographers on occasion. This site has a collection of links to so many other things that basically you could spend days or weeks just trying to peek behind every door she offers. But, definitely take the time to check out her "Me, Myself and Moi" links, because that's where you'll start to see how active she really is. I love her own description:

"Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D., sex author (Different Loving, Come Hither), blogger (Gloria's Oversexed Mind), sex therapist, sex activist, sex radical, sex historian, sex professor...Gee. That's a lot of sex!"

Yup. And that's a lot of fun, too. (http://gloriabrame.typepad.com/)
Clitical.com. I couldn't figure out how to describe this site - it's educational, entertaining, and erotic - and often all at once. Clitical.com has a mind-boggling array of goodies for women, for men who like women, and for anyone who's ever heard of a woman. To quote their home page: "This site focuses on both of the important female sex organs: The Clitoris and the Mind." If you can't find something of interest on this site, then you apparently have absolutely no interest in female sexuality whatsoever.(www.Clitical.com)
Naughty Art
Naughty Art. "Paintings and drawings of female nudes by artist Irvin Bomb. Pay Membership required for hi-res download. Original art for sale + DVD's." Irvin Bomb does a lot of different things - photography, video and paintings. His work has been featured in "Heavy Metal" magazine and "BlackBook" (both cool). And, hey, he features some really hot models! So, go on, have some fun and check his site out! (www.naughtyart.com)
Jane's Guide. In their words, "We review sites of all kinds: from highbrow erotica and fine art nude photography to xxx hardcore." Informative, fun, and they have pretty good taste. Although they did like me, so, perhaps I'm jumping the gun on that taste thing. (www.janesguide.com)
Sexoteric. "Erotic curiosities for intelligent, openminded, adventurous and curious people." Hey, if you weren't open-minded you wouldn't still be on my site, would you? Well, then, again, you might be an ass just looking for reasons to hate me. I digress. If you're looking for another place to find new erotic photography definitely check this site out. Sometimes there's just weird shit on there. Even better!(www.sexoteric.com/blog/)
Delta of Venus I've included this pay site because, like Mikey and Mandy's Most Original Porn Emporium, I really like it. I'm a sucker for old porn. I'm talking the really old shit, not just something that's pre-Jenna Jameson. In some of the old stag reels it totally wouldn't be unusual to see guys wear masks and black socks while humping away. So these kinds of pictures are totally fun for me to look at because they really represent the ancient history of porn as we know it. And this site has a lot more than just pictures or films, so, just take their tour and see what they offer. Just don't blame me if you find your great-great-grandmother there. (www.deltaofvenus.com)
I actually asked Mr. Gross if I could put a link to his site on here. Why? Besides being a producer of several major movies, a photographer, an artist and a gallery owner, he was the artistic director of National Lampoon when it was the best humor magazine in the world. His covers, some of which are shown below, were seared into my brain because I thought they were so brilliant. And, besides, he fits in here because he does some pretty cool nude photography which you can find on his site. (www.michaelcgross.com)
Icebox Quality Framing and Gallery is located in the Minneapolis, MN. Howard M. Christopherson, the owner, is a master framer and photographer, and puts some damn good photography exhibits in his gallery spaces. What a coincidence, he happens to have some nude photography on his site, too, back with his bio and full exhibition list. (www.iceboxminnesota.com)



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