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Flowers Flowers Petals and stamens and stems, oh my.
Almost Nature Almost Nature Includes the traditional things: a waterfall, dead fish, tent worms, heavily manipulated leaves.  The usual.
Signs of Civilization Signs of Civilization Structures that were built by humans and almost humans, and authorized by those bipeds that seem to talk and talk but never make sense, um, politicians.  Actually, if there's even a hint of civilization, it seemed good enough to make this category.
Stuff Stuff Now we're talking, boys and girls!  Dolls, candy, asparagus, Vitamin E, cat bowls!!!  This is Artsy Fartsy Crap at its finest!  A can't-miss for any fan of half-Irish drunken artists!
More Stuff More Stuff Just a miscellaneous collection of shots. Boredom often was the real motivating factor.
Flea Bath Flea Bath Sure, sure, look at pictures while the world is falling apart. See if I care. (Well, I might if you'd ever tell me you love me. You never tell me you care anymore. I want a divorce.)
Ice Ice Frozen water and shit that's stuck in it. You can nominate me for the Pulitzer now.
Things That Go Boom Things That Go Boom Gunpowder is fun.
Stuff the III Stuff the III Stitches on a dog, deer rack on side of shed, clouds, broom, tire.
Smoke Smoke What I wish the insides of my lungs looked like after a cig.
Plumber's Crack Don't Smoke Itself Plumber's Crack Don't Smoke Itself   NYC. A camera. Too much time on my hands in post-processing.

I think I can now write anything I want in this section and safely assume no one will read it. Statistically you're a thousand times more likely to be looking at the nudie pics right now than this, and you may have only gotten to this gallery by mistake! So, this is where I'll write about my fantasies involving M & M's, newts and Cameron Diaz. Or not. Who cares.

Nudes Past Nudes No Nudes Who the hell am I? Endless Babble Homely Page Contact Me Links

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