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Nude Gallery If you want to send me a comment, you can email me at  Let me know if you want your comments posted -- otherwise I'll just keep them private.

This page is going to be going bye-bye soon (unless a lot of you start making comments for publication).

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I welcome questions, comments, criticisms, whatever you want to send.  If you have suggestions on what I can do to improve the site, I'd definitely like to hear them.  If you have suggestions for me that would require an anatomical dexterity beyond most gifted yogis, go ahead and send them.  If nothing else, they might prove amusing.  A really big THANKS! to those who've sent comments (not all of which have been posted, since I am currently assuming you don't want them posted, unless you say otherwise.)

Which leads me to ask, which option makes more sense?  To not post by default or to post unless specifically requested not to?

Molly ( wrote:

Subject: holy fucking shit

Terry I'm so blown away. I had no idea your stuff was this good.  Wow!! You rock, man!!! Your stuff is so beautiful!!

And the website is great, too. I love the layout, colors, design, AND content. REALLY NICE WORK!

I look forward to perusing it more closely!

Scott ( wrote:

Subject: I Don't Know

... where you found the tree in the field (Image ID: BC11), but it's beautiful.  Very nicely done.

After an exchange of emails:

I DID enjoy that tree shot.  It sort of reminds me of that shot that Ansel Adams took of a similar subject...but, to be honest, I like yours better.  And it's not just because of the tree, which is a more interesting subject than his... the background "empty" field in your shot really "makes it" in my mind.

Again, nicely done.  You can also post whatever is contained in this comment that you feel is relevant.

As I later told Scott, the tree was in the Bunker Hills Regional Park in Anoka Country, Minnesota.

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