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While I have to confess a completely juvenile fascination with genitalia, I'm more than happy to explore all of the body. I think my fascination with the pubic region began when I was very young. We're talking pre-kindergarden here. I was used to playing with dolls, and they certainly didn't have what I had. And the first issue of Playboy that was hidden under the gun rack didn't help throw any illumination on the subject, either. Nor did any other source I could find ever show me what lay between a female's legs. When I finally did find out in early elementary school, I was a bit traumatized as I basically came upon my mother doing exercises in the nude. That patch of hair I espied at once became both my terror and my holy grail. Apparently the Oedipal complex works in mysterious ways, because I'm still constantly in pursuit of what lies between a person's legs, just with less terror and more wonder every year.

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