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The Tabloid Touch
The Tabloid Touch More alien shots. I have no imagination these days, if I ever did.
Barrel of Monkeys
Barrel of Monkeys In Planet of the Apes, were things more fun than a barrel of humans? Pics of Maria are definitely more fun than a barrel of humans.
Hegel's Kegels
Hegel's Kegels More exercise for your brain. Assuming your brain resides in your pants.
Artie Choke Hart
Artie Choke Hart I'm sorry. I'd say it won't happen again, but, I'd probably be lying.
I Like Vaginas
I Like Vaginas It's possible that the title of this gallery is the biggest understatement I have ever made. There are actually pictures of other body parts in this gallery, too, but, no one generally bothers to look at those. Hell, I probably wouldn't either.
Eardrums Along the Mohawk
Eardrums Along the Mohawk Can't think. Nicotine withdrawals. Want to smoke sooooooo bad. I love you Marlboro Lights 100's! Please come back to me!
Just Another Hard Day at the Orifice
Just Another Hard Day at the Orifice Have I ever claimed to be original? Well, okay, maybe once, but just for that one particular thing, but that's all...I swear! Sorta. Fuck it. I have no idea why I'm talking about this right now. Just take two placebos and call me in the morning.
Sun Spots
Sun Spots A patch of sunlight on the floor and Maria. What else do you want? Theme? Structure? Coherence? Got the wrong guy for any of that!
Lecher in the Rye
Lecher in the Rye Imagine I just said something deep and pithy and lightly salted with wit. Then barf. Then look at these pictures.
Rummage Sale
Rummage Sale Consider this the equivalent of Chef's Surprise - whatever didn't fit with the other stuff this month got tossed in here.
Dessert Naked women, chocolate, and whipped cream. Hell, it's the kind of dessert I've LOVE to be able to order in a restaurant.
The Warm Up
The Warm Up Sometimes it's fun to just sit back and let the models go where they want with a shoot. Which is good, because I suck so badly at directing that sometimes they have no choice but to make their own decisions!
Foot Sheaths
Foot Sheaths Um...excuse me for a sec, I think I've developed a horrible cramp in my crotch.
Blue Balls Ballet
Blue Balls Ballet (The Nutcracker Suite Redux) Gasp, naked women doing somewhat sexual stuff with each other! As if anyone would want to look at that!
Punk's Progress
Pilgrim'sPunk's Progress This is VERY loosely designed around various styles of punk - by someone who's lived them (and that's not me).
Sheer Ecstasy
Sheer Ecstasy Fun with sheer material and shadows...otherwise known as "what to do with a clueless photographer".
You're the Mother People Too
You're the Mother People Too It really pisses me off that they've censored some of Zappa's re-releases. Oh, and this gallery has pictures of the Joes I played with as a kid...and some interesting body parts I only wished I could play with as a kid.
Comfort Zones
Comfort Zones I never know what's going to happen with a first-time model. Sometimes this.
Costume Party
Costume Party Tattoos, masks, blah blah blah. Do you realize some people actually read what I write in these things? Amazing, isn't it? Hell, I can't believe it myself. Even I don't read myself. I just look at the pictures.
Grasshopper Vultures
Grasshopper Vultures Pictures of Maria...what? Too simple for you? Am I supposed to write stuff for every damn gallery? Sheesh, give me a break, I'm old, it's time for my nap, my programs are on.
Can I Pet Your Doggeral?
Can I Pet Your Doggeral? Roses are red, virus cause flu, if you don't like me, then bite my floppy old man penis.
Snorkeling in the Crypt
Snorkeling in the Crypt Ssssssh. Did you hear that? It sounded like...like...never mind. It was nothing.
An Attitude of Gratitude
An Attitude of Gratitude A Season of Teasin'. A Mindset of Hindsight. More fun than a barrel of monks.
Porn on the Fourth of July
Porn on the Fourth of July Polly want a cracker? Polly want some lithium? Polly want to suck my dick?
Sweeney Cod
Sweeney Cod My kind of barber story.
Owl Dick
Owl Dick Great Horned Owl, my ass.

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