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New in 2004

If you're expecting something big, forget it.  I will be adding new images (hopefully) every week. They may be grouped thematically, or they may just be a chaotic collection chosen from the far past and the more recently passed. Gives you a reason to check back periodically and me a reason to keep sniffing glue. More importantly, because each week will be different, you can have Goldilocks fantasies as you wait for the gallery that's not too hot, not too cold, but just right for you.

I am always looking for feedback! Please, write me! Say you want to have my baby! No, on second thought, don't say that. But, send comments! It's lonely in this room. Dingoes ate my baby!

Sniff...sniff....I'm better now. Never mind...

By the way...for those of you (ahem, brother who shall remain nameless and others) who hinted that my site would be better off with a more professional approach and less of my babble...guess it's just not going to happen.

TD - January 7, 2004

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